Computer Science is foundational for the digital age.

Computer Science education is not just about access to computers—it is about innovation and development of technology. Computer Science builds students’ computational and critical thinking skills, which enables them to create—not simply use—the next generation of computationally-oriented devices, tools and games. This fundamental knowledge is needed to prepare students for the 21st Century, regardless of their ultimate field of study or occupation, giving them the tools they need to make further contributions to the technology itself as well as its application in society.

The mission of ACCESS is to advocate for equitable access to high quality computer science education for all K-12 students in California and for the requisite educational reform in California to reflect the importance of computer science in educating students in 21st century skills for college and career readiness and global citizenship.

ACCESS’s goals are to:

  • Elevate and secure the status of K-12 computer science education so that industry, parents, students, and our state’s policymakers prioritize, engage, and provide resources for quality computer science education in California;
  • Ensure equitable access to computer science for all K-12 students in California, especially for students traditionally underrepresented in the field such as girls, African-American, Latino and low-income students;
  • Establish a computer science certification pathway for K-12 teachers in California, and ensure that quality professional development is available to these teachers;
  • Update state standards for computer science education and advocate for computer science to count for core credit (math or science) in high school graduation and UC/CSU eligibility and admissions;
  • Scale up successful K-12 computer science education models and curricula, such as Exploring Computer Science and CS: Principles, to be emulated throughout California and in other states;
  • Streamline computer science educational pathways for students entering community college and preparing for careers in computer science and/or transition to four-year colleges and universities.

ACCESS is about assuring opportunities for all students to explore computer science.